Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Great Reviews for "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" on Amazon

“Cyber Thriller Gem” by J. Stockley (Five Stars) Feb 7th 2009 on Amazon.co.uk

This riveting cyber-thriller story, the third and final sequel to the ‘Virtual Trilogy’ had me gripped all the way through! It began with a reminder of the dramatic opening of the Virtual Trilogy – the murder of Gilkrensky’s wife by the revenge-seeking Yukiko Funakoshi. The plot then takes the reader into the world of international corporate espionage and virtual reality with thrilling action equal to that of Fleming! The final conclusion was ingeniously devised. Well worth reading!


“A great read with surprising twists” by E.Keith Howick Jr. (Four Stars) March 31st, 2009 on Amazon.com

I just finished reading Irish author John Joyce's "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." I found the book a great read with surprising twists --- a real delight to a publisher who, after reviewing many thousands of manuscripts, thought he couldn't be misled by a plot twist. The third book in "The Virtual Trilogy," it's one part science fiction, two parts espionage, and a solid four parts action. The book's pace is excellent, the characters believable, and the underlying themes of global industrial espionage, trust, and betrayal are timely and gripping, though American readers will occasionally need to work around the linguistic differences between home and the Motherland. But I found this a small thing compared to Joyce's excellent descriptions of the Japanese and European corporate environments. Lives ruined by money and lies ... passions driving single-minded obsession ... the timeless need for love ... and the birth of a new intelligence. Whether you are a fan of Anne McCaffery's "The Ship Who Sang" or James Patterson's "3rd Degree," you'll find this book enjoyable and a recommended read.